Marry me...

Getting engaged is undeniably one of the most romantic, thrilling, and somewhat nerve-wracking milestones a couple can experience. It marks the pivotal moment when you express your desire to spend the rest of your life with that special someone. In my opinion, it's the most enchanting and enjoyable phase of a relationship journey. It's a time filled with boundless promises and dreams.

Location location

The Dylan Lewis Sculpting Gardens, with its diverse array of aesthetics and atmospheres, offered a beautiful backdrop for this special moment. It seamlessly blended elements from old European-styled buildings to meticulously groomed gardens and enchanting forests. Adding to the allure were the incredible sculptures crafted by the immensely talented Dylan Lewis himself.

So, while weddings are undoubtedly important and memorable events in a couple's journey, there's something uniquely magical about the moment of engagement. It's a time of dreams, promises, and the purest expression of love. It's the beginning of your happily ever after, the first chapter in a story that you'll write together. Embrace it fully, savor the excitement, and let the romance of the moment wash over you.

Congrats Davyd and Megan!!