Creative Workshop

Hey there! It's not often that you'll find me behind a keyboard blogging, I can't help but share this. This past Saturday, September 2, 2023, I had the opportunity to attend a creative studios workshop hosted by Orms and Canon South Africa right here in our beautiful Cape Town. The experience was lovely, and I'm excited to give you all a glimpse into this day.

Orms, a name synonymous with photography and videography excellence, joined forces with Canon South Africa to create this fun filled creative event. Together, they brought together some of the most inspiring bloggers and photographers in the creative world, including CharliXboi, Grand Hinds, Nina Zimolong, and Tristan Schäfer


Charli is a self-taught makeup artist, photographer and beauty lover. He had a keen interest in fashion and design from a young age. What a beautiful human being and so lovely to photograph. You can follow him on insta @charliXboi

Nina Zimolong

Nina Zimolong is an acclaimed international photographer based in Cape Town, known for her exceptional work in fashion, commercial, and fine art photography. Follow her on Insta @ninazimolong . I have to find out what this beautiful model's name is!

Tristan Schäfer

Tristan Schäfer

Talks about #videocontent, #visualstrategy, #contentcreation, #contentmarketing, and #visualstorytelling

Grant Hinds

Grant was the  video games and tech contributor on South African top prime-time TV shows Top Billing, Expresso, Tech Report and Hectic Nine 9. He was a radio personality on GoodHope FM, have presented and produced for a couple of online shows (GameState and GameZoneTV) and is the Video Games Contributing Editor for GQ. Flollow this blogger on @granthinds

I want to extend my gratitude to Orms and Canon South Africa for organizing this exceptional workshop and to CharliXboi, Grand Hinds, Nina Zimolong, and Tristan Schäfer for sharing their talents with us. This day will remain etched in my memory as a testament to the limitless possibilities of human creativity.

So, to all you aspiring photographers and creatives out there, remember this: the world is your canvas, and your camera is your paintbrush. Go out there, capture the magic, and let your creativity shine!